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It is based on the belief that the past, present, and future lives of all humans were foreseen by Dharma sages in ancient time.

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The ancient sages utilised the Tropical Zodiac with Sidereal Nakshatras system unlike the modern day astrologers who utilise the Sidereal Zodiac system. In Tamil Nadu, the texts are mainly written in Vattezhuthu , which is an ancient Thamizh Tamil script. They were written by an ancient priest or "Rishi" called Agastya who had a highly developed consciousness. These ancient records of providence were made famous by practitioners around the Vaitheeswara Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu. The British colonialists later showed interest in the Naadi leaves concerned with herbs and medicine, future prediction, etc.

Some leaves got destroyed, and the remaining were auctioned during the British Raj rule. These Nadi leaves were obtained by the families of astrologers at the Vaitheeswaran Temple and have been passed down the years from one generation to the other. There is also another set of astrologers claiming that the content written in the palm leaf is conversation between Shiva and Parvathi. This is called "Shiva nadi jyotisiyam". Thus, there are distinctive names and numbers in the full zodiac.

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It is a compilation of over 82 hundred verses by Achyut of Kerala, that is why it is called "Deva Keralam". But these divisions are unequal; largest division being of half a degree, and the smallest division is 36th part of a degree. Another school of thought assumes that all divisions are equal; the value being 12 minutes arc in length.

Athman is the 'real' you with no body, no mind or no desire. Athman is immortal, and characterises the real you. Changes apply only to the physical bodies.

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Common stages are birth, childhood, teenage, adulthood, oldage, and death. The real you the Athma then enters into a different body depending on your Karma and takes form relative to the good or bad deeds you have done. Athman can neither be created nor destroyed. Athman manifests in a physical body as per applicable karmas. In Karmic terms, a transition like this is like a person working in an organisation getting promoted when he or she works sincerely, honestly and efficiently, or demoted if he or she is a bad worker.

Naadii Astrology is like a mirror of your karmas in the previous birth s. While this is not entirely accurate, for simplicity's sake, let's say there are two options associated with your Karma. You either live out your mistakes or you can overcome them by performing corrective actions in a proactive manner - this goes for all living beings. All beings, irrespective of species, nationality, religion, social class, aggressiveness, etc.

The Navagrahas are very sincere in their duties as cosmic public servants and never deviate in performing their duties. They cannot be bribed.

They affect individual beings as well as entire societies as per the Karma thoughts, words and deeds of beings in this world as well as other worlds applicable. The current life path of a person is determined by past Karma. It is like a person who has saved a lot of punyas in his or her account cashing it in when the need arrives. Birth, death, rebirth and moksha are all controlled by our karma. Paapams activities that result in negative Karma are obstacles that may take long to dilute whereas punyas earned can be 'spent' very soon.

From the Hindu point of view, this makes it important that we always think good thoughts and do no harm to any other being. Bad Karma is committed even if we think unrighteous thoughts. Twenty three Matruka are worshiped to get different auspicious results as follows. Goddess Gauri is also known as Siddheshwari,Siddhirupa and Siddhida who manage and keeps maintenance of whole world and vanishes grief,fear,sorrows and anger.

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Padma is the name of goddess Laxmi whose worship is performed to get wealth and become prosperous. Shachi is wife of Lord Indra who is the king of God. Goddess Shachi is worshiped to get wife hood i. Medha is Goddess of wit intelligence. So the worship of Medha is performed to get wit or intelligence.

Savitri Savitri is dean Goddess of theology in Hindu culture.

She offers truthfull and mindly pleasure as well permanent pleasure and ecstasy. All types of sins are burned due to performing ritual and reminding Goddess Savitri. Goddess Vijaya gained victory over the king of giant Padmaka and uplifted him who was going to ruin all the world. So from the same occassion she is known as Goddess Vijaya.

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To get victory everywhere Goddess Vijaya is worshiped,so she is also known as Goddess of Victory. Swadha assists to get blessing of ancestors.

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So Swadha is Goddess is worshiped. An ahuti is morsel of pure ghee which is poured in fire. So Swaha is power which reflects Aahuti in to food for Gods. Mataraha is a Goddess of different power. So to get these power Mataraha is worshiped. Worshiper can obtain power of Lord Bramha i. Brahmani,power of Lord Vishu i. Vashnavi,power of skanda i.

Kaumari,power of warahki i. Goddess Lokmata is worshiped for the walefare and protection of all people who are devotees of Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Pushti is known as nutrition. The same Goddess is worshiped to get well nutrition of all devotees. Every family have their different family Goddess.

Worshiping Kuldevta ,worshiper can get a good decsendent,protects all family,family behaviour and descendants. Shraddha is ritual of ancestors which is performed faithfully. In an auspicious worships, Nandi Shraddha i. Prelude Shraddha is performed to get blessings of ancestors. Worshiper can obtain long life,offspring,wealth,knowledge and heavenly pleasure with the help of blessing of ancestors.

Bramhin varni is such a pious deed which enables Bramhin to get right of worshipping theologically. Actually Rahu and Ketu are not visible planets like other ones. Probably Rahu and Ketu have no individuality. Both are concurrence points. The way from where the Moon rotates around the Earth and the way from where the Earth rotates around the Sun,these two different ways intersects each other in space at two different points,out of those one point is known as Rahu and other as Ketu.

Both the intersection points have speed. So both are taken as separate planets by astrologers. The planet Rahu indicates deeds of last birth. A ritual is performed by establishing lives in image of Rahu,Kal,Sarpa and so the blame of Rahu-Kal-Sarpa is exonerated. To exonerate from the blame of Rahu,Kal,Sarpa,the same prime Gods are worshiped establishing their lives in respected images.