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A goal of enlightenment is "detachment from desire," as wanting, seeking, yearning creates disharmony. A goal of enlig Powerful people and our government wanted him gone The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th is also accompanied by a rare enough event when the retrograde Mercury crosses in front of the Sun on November 11th at 19 degrees of Scorpio - real headway, insights and resolutions may come to the forefront paving the way for new beginnings with your mental habits and planning when Mercury, again, conjuncts this point after it's direct station on December 1st.

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This event happens only 13 times per century. Taurus the Bull is known for This Lunation focuses on your will, desires, finances, physical body and culminations with finances and resources. The conscious quality of Taurus represents one's spiritual will and manifestation ability.

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  • Buddha, a Taurus, taught detachment from desire principles and the ability to transmute egoic desire into Spiritual Will. I frequently ponder, as the Saturn Pluto conjunction heats up and serves up more crazy conflict in our decaying and corrupt structures, what enlightened and altruistic for the good of the whole leadership could look like. That is what humanity is facing now. Chris Hedges was a columnist for the New York Times.

    When he began writing anti-war articles he was fired. War makes a lot of money for the corporations - these entities that own the media only 6 companies now.

    See More. Saturn sextile Neptune exact on the 8th: The final sextile that began last January completes this month stabilizing healing, artistic expression, compassion themes, and Business trends and Life Coaching.

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    I have extensive experience in entrepreneurial start-ups, vocational shifts, established business and corporate. Combined with spiritual skill building and life purpose - an interesting hybrid of pragmatic efficacy and inspired guidance. Imagine yourself breaking free from that old reality and centering in your heart Jump to.

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    Home Services expand. EST highlights culminations in earnings, self-respect and your value system. Posted in full moon november , full moon taurus , galactic center. Posted in , saturn conjunct pluto. Exact November 8th Oct.

    Posted in saturn sextile neptune. Imagine yourself breaking free from that old reality and centering in your heart. Posted in mercury retrograde scorpio , neuronal patterns.